Friday, April 5, 2013

Letter from Elder and Sister Pinder

Dear Farnworth Family,

We have had the opportunity to spend time with Elder Farnworth several times over the past few weeks and just want you to know what a great missionary he is.  He is now the District Leader over us and he is outstanding as an example and teaching us all wonderful lessons to improve our missionary efforts.  

He introduced a new concept from your training - What is the meaning of "insanity" - doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result!!!  It was something the district needed to hear and to try some different approaches to their work.  This is a very difficult mission and the Lord has sent only the best to try to break through the Russian mentality.  Elder Farnworth is always happy and energetic in the work and very good in all relationships with his companions and other missionaries.  

We have had an unusual situation with our work where we have needed he and his companions, Elder Groberg, to come and help translate for us because our translators were both in the hospital.  He is always willing to serve and help in any way he is asked.  We know how proud you must be of him and you should be - he is so kind and respectful of us.  He also helped us move a huge container of goods for an orphanage.

We have attached a few pictures of him that you might not have.

Our best to you and your family for happiness.

Elder and Sister Pinder

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