Monday, May 19, 2014

I got this distinct impression...

Welcome to Balti sign at the edge of the city.
Dear Family and Friends,

Don't have a ton of time today because we planned a fun P-day, but I'll try and get in as much as I can.

Denis's baptism was this past week and it sure is nice when everything goes smoothly and people are there to support him in his special day. I remember mentioning in a previous email that if God has a plan for Denis to be a future branch president/bishop/stake president, then He will provide a way for him for be baptized. Well. God provided a way and he'll be getting the Priesthood next Sunday! When he was bearing his testimony and said, "I know this church is true" I sat there at the piano and imagined him as a bishop saying that to a ward. Denis has a great potential in life and in the Church of Jesus Christ in Balti, and I am so grateful that I was able to see his conversion and be there for his baptism. But as we all know this is just the beginning of his journey to Eternal Life!
Unfortunately this week, our investigators decided that they don't want to continue meeting. Yes, that includes Baba Tamara. To be honest it's devastating! But God gave them agency and there are more people here in Balti for us to find and teach. This gave us more time to find and so one night after doing some drop-by's to potential investigators and having no success, we sat at a bus stop waiting to go home and I got this distinct impression that I needed to leave  my Book of Mormon on the bench and put our information inside. At first I kind of shrugged it off, then it came again and I immediately thought of what happens when we ignore impressions. So I put it on the bench and we hopped on the bus. Who knows what will happen, but maybe we'll receive a call this week from a person who found it, took it home, and read it. Anyway, on the bus a tall, thin man got on and sat across from us and stared at us the entire way home. Right as we were about to get off, he got up and asked if we were Americans. We took this opportunity to tell him that we were missionaries and give him a Book of Mormon. Later my companion told me how he had been praying (I was also praying) that we would find someone, and our prayers were answered.
This wasn't everything that happened this week, but it's everything I can fit into this email before I run out of time on my computer. I love you all and hope you have a great week!
-Elder Farnworth

The weather for the first half of the week. The rain just wouldn't stop.

Denis' baptism!

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