Thursday, July 19, 2012

Entering the MTC

Brian officially entered the Missionary Training Center at 12:55pm on Wednesday July 18, 2012. It was quite the quick experience dropping him off. Not at all like it used to be! We pulled up to the curb a Host missionary welcomed him to the MTC. We gave hugs and then he left! Not much time for him to even get emotional. 

Here he is packing up his room! It'll be weird to have him gone...

 Luckily his friend who is currently service his mission gave Brian the heads up, and he got to fill his iPod with pictures of his family and some church music!
 His friends and little bro joined in watching the MTC preparation videos...I don't know if he watched all 3...
 One last pic of the 4 musketeers.

 All packed and ready to go!

 I think these two will secretly miss each other. :)
 I would not want to pack around these things! They are HEAVY!
 One last pic with Lucky...not sure if she will be around when he gets back. :( She's gettin old.

 We stopped at the Temple to take some more family pictures and say our goodbyes before...

 the drop off which took maybe 2 minutes! The bl

 Heidi's goodbye
 Dad's goodbye
 Matt's could be 4 years before these two see each other again!

Lindsay's goodbye.... oh wait... actually 5 seconds before the goodbye...haha...oops
And he's off...for the next two years!!

 He is going to be ONE FANTASTIC MISSIONARY!! We'll miss him!!

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