Monday, June 17, 2013


Здравствуйте, мои дорогие! Let's try this in Finnish.... Hei kultaseni! ;)

I have no idea if that's right, but I cannot believe that another Farnworth has been added to the missionary pool! How great is that!? Finland Helsinki Mission, and Romania/Moldova Mission. Two foreign missions is so exciting! Finnish eh? I've heard that's a pretty difficult language to learn, but If I can learn Russian then I'm pretty sure anyone can learn a language!

As for this week, we had mission leadership council in Bucharest for 3 days, so a lot of our week was taken up by that. But before we went down, we decided that we aren't going to half-heartedly contact people. So before we got on the train we were able to give two copies of the Book of Mormon, get 2 numbers, and talk to a guy who had no idea about the orginization of Christ's church. Thank goodness for the Book of Mormon because it makes more clear the doctrine in the Bible that so many religions interpret differently. We were also able to teach a young man named Tudor who has known about the church for the long time, but just barely started reading the Book of Mormon and having full discussions with missionaries. We taught about the restoration and how it means to bring something back to its ORIGINAL form. That's something very important to understand about this church: it's the exact same church with the exact same authority that Jesus Christ organized while He was on the earth. We also taught him the First Vision, and after we read JSH with him, I told him to put himself in Joseph Smith's shoes. I continued with this question, "What would you ask God and Jesus Christ if they were right in front of you?" He answered, "I would ask the same question that Joseph asked." Exactly. So because a young boy sought out truth, and had a pure heart, he was able recieve an answer. Even though we won't have the same experience that Joseph Smith had, our Loving Heavenly Father still answers our prayers when we come before him with a broken heart and a contrite spirit. The streets here are filled with prepared people, and Elder Monroe and I have been talking and talking and talking with so many of them. I love it. The people I get to meet are so humble, kind, and willing to talk about the gospel. Just like in our last area, we are building up this new area with new investigators and people who will meet often. Heavenly Father has a lot of trust in us, and we never want to let him down with the area that He has given to us.

Our newest convert has been helping us so much with lessons and bringing such a bright spirit to the missionaries and the members. She has such a strong testimony, and understands everything like a champ! She might be going to America next week, but we don't know for sure yet. In the meantime, we are continuing to help her transition into her new life as a member of the Church of Jesus Christ.

Once again, I would like to end this email with a quote that I read in the June 2013 ensign: "I had assumed that, just because I had a righteous cause, I could use the priesthood and fasting and prayer to change the will of God." Missionary work (and life) is basically trying to understand the will of God for each and every person we meet because He has a plan for all of us, but sometimes it takes a lot of fasting, reading, and praying to align our will with His. I'm so excited for Lindsay and the best 18 months of her life that she has ahead in two months. I can't wait for her to join me out in the field! I love you all so very much, and keep having good days.

-Elder Farnworth 

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