Monday, July 15, 2013

Almost 1 year!!

Good morning everybody! Two more missionaries left this week: Elder Jiles and Elder Garlick. AND two ones arrived: Elder Fiel and Elder Danielson. As zone leaders we got to welcome them into the country and get them on their way to Balti to be trained. They're going to be dynamite missionaries, and we're very excited for their success.

Seeing Elder Jiles and Garlick off at the train station

Towards the beginning of my mission, I would count the weeks I had until my year mark. Some time in my first transfer, I stopped counting and decided that I don't really need to do that. When I woke up this morning, I realized that in THREE days, I am at the half-way point of my mission. To be honest, I can't believe it. Time here is like a snow ball that gains speed as it gets further and further down the mountain. But I love being able to look back and relive all the special moments I've had here.

We started our week with our phone ringing Tuesday morning at 1 am. We were really confused why someone was calling us so early, but we answered it anyway.... It was Дима... He wanted us to pray for him to receive help from God, so we told him we would and then we hung up. Elder Monroe and I just laid in our beds so confused, but it gave me some time to ponder the great love I have for these people, especially Дима. He's a good kid, and I'm glad we get to teach him now.

Us and the Pinders going to visit a family out in Cricova (a city with the largest winery in Europe)

The strangest chain of events that happened this week was when Elder Monroe and I decided to go villa contacting. It's a little more difficult sometimes because every villa here is surrounded by a fence, and some of them don't even have doorbells. But anyway, the first villa we knocked gave us a referral! It was an older man, he wasn't very interested, but he said that he had a friend who might be. So later in the week we called this man and set up an appointment to meet at his work. We walked into a dark building and a lady told us to go down a hall and into the room at the end. First thing I thought when I walked into the room was, "Oh my goodness, this guy acts/talks exactly like Коля!" His name was Constantine, he was a wine seller, a very wealthy man, and an atheist with Buddhist beliefs. He wasn't interested in any way, shape, or form, but we let him share his ideas with us and as we were leaving he said, "You know what? I don't even drink! I just do it for the money!" We were shocked to hear that this man didn't drink. But there's nothing wrong with that! Later in the week I started a contact on the street with, "спасибо!" instead of "hello!". Thank goodness the lady didn't think I was crazy, and not talk to us. Nothing came from it, but Elder Monroe likes to remind me of that moment.

We fasted 4 days this week because we wanted to show Heavenly Father that we really want to find his prepared children, and even though we didn't see any huge miracles or success, we're able to look back and see how these days helped us be closer to God. AND. President Covalli (the branch president here) even had us teach Sunday School again. And guess what we taught about? Fasting. It was awesome, and a lot of fun. 

Same family with their son who is receiving a wheelchair from the church

Well. I think that's it for the week. Next week is transfers and President Hill told me that Elder Monroe and I will be splitting up, and probably put with Romanian elders. Who knows, I may even be leaving Chisinau finally! Have a wonderful week. Love you!

-Elder Farnworth

P.S. The kids in our neighborhood all call us magicians, and so we've taken upon ourselves the title of "The Magicians of Буюкань", and I'm also on Youtube. I was interviewed 2 weeks ago by some random people, and one of my English students told me that she saw a video of me on Youtube being interviewed. Crazy, huh? 

I also apologize for not describing the pictures I send...

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