Monday, July 29, 2013

Satisfying and Disappointing Week

Hello everybody!

Oh boy was it a stressful week. I'm now in my second zebra companionship, we spent most of our week in Bucharest (not to mention the 8 hour meeting at President Hill's house on Thursday), and two LONG train rides to/from Chisinau... It takes a lot of energy out of me, but I've recovered and I'm ready for more finding and teaching! 
Me and Дима!
This week has been both satisfying and disappointing. We've been working a lot with Дима in getting him ready for a set baptismal date, but he is really struggling to keep commitments and understand our message. We're helping him recognize answers to his prayers by asking specific questions. He said he has prayed about being baptized, but still hasn't received an answer. On Sunday we decided that we were going to pick him up for church, so we got to his house at 9 and his aunt told us that he was still asleep. So we went inside and sure enough, he was. I felt bad for doing this, but I tapped him on the shoulder saying, "Доброе утро Дима!" He was surprised to see us, but he got ready in 30 minutes and we walked with him to church. We're really trying to focus our finding efforts on English since we have such an amazing class, and we're looking forward to what's ahead. A lot of the investigators at church have been found through English, so maybe that's a sign? 

The Russian Elders (and one Romanian Elder) saying goodbye to Elder Schiers and Elder Jones
The Chisinau branch had their first BBQ since I've been here, and it was a huge success! About 60 investigators/members/english students came and it was a great opportunity for them to interact with one another. Some random kid came by and asked, "Hey, when is your church service?" Elder Barney handled it like a pro and got his number so we can meet with him later. I always look at these situations and think, "Is this someone that God has prepared for us to meet RIGHT NOW?" It helps me to stay positive and keep the faith. Speaking of Elder Barney, he's my new companion (if you didn't already know) and he's awesome! We really enjoy working together and he even kind of already knows the city since he was here in March. We're glad to have him back.
Me and Tudor at the branch BBQ!
Sorry about the short letter, not a ton happened this week since most of my time was spent in Romania, but enjoy the  pictures and as always, I love you and I hope you have a great week!

-Elder Farnworth

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