Monday, February 24, 2014

Well. This week has a little bit of bad news, and a LOT of good news.

Combined institute lesson in Chisinau
Hello from Chisinau!

We decided to take our P-day in Chisinau because we have Zone Training Meeting tomorrow morning, so it will be nice to finally have some McDonalds.

Modeling in the forests' of Balti

Well. This week has a little bit of bad news, and a LOT of good news. Let's start with the bad news: We went back to Nina's apartment and she told us that her sister told her to never let us in again...... So she apologized and shut the door..... Finding new investigators is still a work in progress for us. We were really looking forward to start teaching her more, but she has her agency. And that's something we have to accept. However, we have met a guy who has met with the missionaries before and surprisingly knew a ton about the Book of Mormon.

Okay, now the good news: there was a combined institute class for Orhei, Balti, and Chisinau youth/investigators on Monday; so, we thought that if Nastia could come down with us and a member, it would help her a lot. When we called Nastia, she was all for it and was actually really excited to see what it would be like. As all four of us were walking to the church in Chisinau, I realized that we were on Dima's street and thought, "Okay. We NEED to stop by, see if he's home, and invite him to institute." It had been around 4 months since the last time I saw him and right when he answered the door, Elder Westover and I just got these big smiles on our faces and gave him a big hug. He was so happy to see us and was still the same Dima I remember. He said that he was going to the Internet cafe, but that he would come to institute right after. I just love that kid! I would write something about Lizzie (who was also at this institute lesson), but she wouldn't be very happy if it appeared on my blog, so I'll just have to tell you all when I get home :) Anyway, Nastia loved it and when we got back to Balti, the member texted us and said, "Your plan worked guys. She loved it and will talk to you tomorrow." ......Now let's fast forward to tomorrow when we went over to Nastia's for a lesson........ Lately, we've been trying really hard to help her to make the decision to get baptized and so we were hoping and praying that that was what she wanted to talk to us about. Well. 45 minutes into the lesson, she goes to get her daughter something to drink and the first words that came out of her mouth when she came back in were, "..... I want to be baptized next week." ..................................................................Great news, right?!?! I cannot begin to tell you how excited we were/are for her! These are the moments we work for, and she's 100% ready to make this important step in her life. When we went back on Thursday, she had read a lot of the Liahona conference issue that we gave her, marked it, had questions, and even answered one of the questions with the Book of Mormon on her own. How neat is that?! We're really happy for her, and the changes she's made in her life to follow Christ more fully. Next up.... her baptism!
Hawaiian haystacks with investigators and members!

I'm really struggling to write anything else that happened this week, so I'll just stop here. I hope you enjoy the news! Because we sure did! Love you! Have a wonderful week. 

Funny experience of the week: Nastia's little girl followed Elder Westover around while he passed the sacrament yesterday. I couldn't help but smile. Oh yeah, we also had 39 people at church. That was a great sight to see. 

-Elder Farnworth

P.S. We got to watch the USA vs. Canada hockey game at one of the members houses. Not all of it, but enough to say that we got to watch a little bit of the Olympics.

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