Monday, August 20, 2012

One Month in the MTC

As of today, I have been in the MTC for a month! Crazy. Hmmm, where to start... So we have two investigators, Elena and Nikolai, and last week Ct. Grover and I planned a really good lesson for Elena. So we went into the room, asked her how things were going, and she said that her friend had died. All we could do was sit there and say, "we are so sorry". So after sitting there awkwardly for about 30 seconds, we realized that we had to discard the lesson we had planned for her. Luckily, one of our 3 teachers (Bro. Adams), was sitting in on the lesson as a "ward member." He turned to us and said, "Teach her the Plan of Salvation." Now, you have to remember that we're teaching in Russian. We had no idea how we were going to teach the Plan of Salvation in Russian when we didn't even know the vocabulary for it! But we ended up being able to do a presentation on a chalkboard and give a good lesson with Bro. Adams help. Oh yeah, another really cool experience. So the next lesson after that, I had her read Alma 40:11-12, which is about the afterlife, and as soon as she finished reading, she asked me a question about the scripture. She asked, "who are the righteous?" In russian, of course. And I had no idea what she asked... Then BAM. It hit me like a train. The verses in English came to my mind and the first word I thought of was righteous. So, I answered and said that the righteous follow Christ. THE CHURCH IS TRUE! What a miracle.
So I found out last week that Moldova is expanding to more cities, so I'll spend my whole mission in Moldova. No Romania, kind of sad, but oh well! Also, I was "called" to be a district leader on Sunday, and now I get to go to a lot of meetings, woohoo! Sunday night we had a Fireside... like we do every Sunday... and before the Fireside started, Ct. Jones and I found a scale. It said that I weighed 166! Sadly, the next day, when I didn't have 10 pounds of clothes on, it said I weighed 155, so I haven't gained weight yet... But guess who played the organ at the Fireside?! Mr. Durtschi! It was really good to see him and he said that he'd put up a Facebook status saying that he saw Elder Farnworth at the MTC. Our service day guy Paul left us, so now we don't have any way of getting news of the outside world! It was a sad day for all of us, and now our service guy is someone who hates life. If only P-day was ALL day, I could tell you all the funny and exciting things that have happened. I guess they will just have to wait till next week!
I'm still alive and well, and I hope you're all alive and well. Every day keeps getting better and better, and a week from now, the older districts will be in Russia, and we'll be the older districts. Pretty exciting! Also, when does Matt Petersen come in? Can't wait to see him here! Glad to hear the Olympics went well for the good ol' U S of A, and that Russia ended up coming back from 2 down to win the gold in Men's Volleyball ;) My old life is slowly fading, and my new life is becoming more and more routine. "Two years is a tiny fraction compared to an eternity." I can't wait to get out and serve the people of Moldova, even if it means being at the MTC for 6 more weeks! I love you all, and I love the letters!
-Elder Farnworth

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