Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Week 3

3 weeks have passed, but in MTC time, it´s "week 4"! So only 7 weeks left! Not too bad, compared to 3 weeks ago. I love it here. The growth I'm experiencing is amazing, and its still hard, but it's worth every second. So last week I had my first TRC (Teaching Resource Center), and It is where I go and teach random volunteers (2 of them) for 20 minutes each. The first lesson we gave was to a native Russian girl, and we taught her the importance of prayer and how it can help her answer her questions. I admit, Elder Grover and I were pretty nervous, but the lesson ended up being the best lesson we've had yet! The gift of tounges was definitely with me that night. The next volunteer we taught was an older man who was learning Russian and only had English scriptures, so he spoke English to us some of the time. Even though it wasn't as good as our first lesson, we learned that the TRC was to help us experience brand new investigators, and help those investigators strengthen their testimonies, and to also help us get better at teaching in Russian.

I really love my teachers, and this language. Sometimes I wonder what in the world I'm learning, but thank goodness for the endless hours of study time I have!
I also have never grown facial hair this fast... I'm pretty sure they put growth horomones in the food... Thanks for the fan, and the cushions too! Everyone is my district in jealous of our prized possesions, and sitting in a chair for 7 hours isn't too bad anymore!
All is well here at the MTC, i'm used to the missionary schedule now, and I love it. Thanks for the letters, and emails! I'm sorry I didn't have much to say in this email, but i promise to put as much as I can in next week!
-Elder Farnworth

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