Monday, December 3, 2012

A Missionary's Life in Food

Привет моя семья! 

I think 6 months from now, I will try to do a whole email in Russian.... But for now, it will be in English!

New apartment, new companion. That is pretty much what happened this past week. I can't remember if I've told you what my new companions name is, but it is Elder Monroe. He's a great missionary, and we are going to work our butts off to help the branch here, and teach a lot of lessons. It's going to be hard work, but we're ready!

(He's on the left. Last night in my old apartment. We made some pretty good food too!)

Just so all of you know, I was able to celebrate Thanksgiving last Monday and in case you were wondering, I had McDonald's chicken nuggets, mashed potatoes, and corn... It was surprisingly not too bad :) The district here is like my family away from home, so it was nice to celebrate Thanksgiving, even if the food wasn't as good as past Thanksgivings!

Can you see my chicken nuggets on the table? ;)
Where did the Christmas CDs come from? Past missionaries. I think.

The language is coming a lot better than it was 2 months ago. I've struggled, but it's becoming easier to make sense when I talk the more I practice (I don't even know if that makes sense, but you get what I 
mean!) The cool thing about learning another language is that, over time, it becomes easier to learn new vocab. I love it! I also have a dictionary that I carry around with me, and that helps a lot too. Grammar is insane in this language. Basically whenever you want to say "I have", you have to say (in Russian) "At me it exists" or if you wanted to say I like/need, you say, "To me it is pleasing/necessary." Another thing is that word order doesn't matter, people like to put the most important word at the end of what they're saying though. Of course, those are some of the many grammar principles, but I think I've got most of them down (in my head, at least!)

We gave Eugene an ultimatum last lesson. We invited him to set a baptismal date (or goal to work towards), but once again, he said that he doesn't know.... BUT. We didn't give up after asking him once. We actually invited him a total of 5 times in different ways. Eventually it got to the point where I asked him, "Does God know that you don't know?" He looked down to the ground and said, "No..." This killed me inside! We've asked him so many times to pray about baptism, and he's done everything BUT that. So, we asked him to remember to pray about it, and when he gets the answer, to call us and set up an appointment. Missionary work is frustrating at times, but God knows what's best for His children, so all I can do is keep praying and keep working as hard as I can.

Oh yeah! I got my first шапка (those cool looking Russian hats)! It's made out of rabbit fur, it's gray and black, and it's very warm. So hopefully I don't freeze during the winter! Also, one of the 10 Russian elders has been in Romania for the past 2 months (because of visa problems) and he's finally back in Moldova! It's good to have him back (even though I don't know him that well), and President Hill said this is the first time he's had ALL 10 Russian elders in Moldova. Sweet! Everything is going great here, and I'm excited to see your faces in 2/3 weeks! :D I love you all very much, and if any of you would like to send a letter straight to Moldova, this is the address (if you would like to send packages, please use the address on Facebook):

Elder Brian David Farnworth
Miron Costin 7
Office 404
Moldova 2068

-Elder Farnworth

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