Monday, December 10, 2012

COLD Week!!

End of the world in 10/12 days? It's been a COLD week! It snowed for the first time, and, of course, we went knocking A TON in this miserable weather. But I'm happy nonetheless! Elder Monroe is an incredible companion, and he has helped me in a million ways, especially with finding people. We went knocking every day this week for at least 3 hours. The first couple days we found nobody, but that's because Heavenly Father is trying to see if we would continue to be dliligent in our finding efforts... And we DID! God really does prepare His children to receive the gospel. Last night we came in contact with a lady who happily let us into her home to talk to her about the Book of Mormon. I could see that special light in her eyes when we taught her about the restored gospel. She said she had never really had a religious life, but she knew about our church because one of her friends invited her to our English classes. After reading the introduction to the Book of Mormon, she basically set up an appointment with us! How cool is that!? So we'll see her again on Thursday (just before the Zone Christmas party/conference) and I'm really excited to teach her more and to see the gospel change her life. 

Sorry for my email not working last week, Google said they shut down my account because there was "too much activity". No idea what that means! Ldsmail uses gmail (but in a filtered kind of way), so that's why google was involved. 

Right now there are two sisters in our mission, but they speak Romanian. One's from St. George, and the other, I don't know yet! But they're really hard workers and very fun to be around and talk to.

I have not received the package yet, and I have no idea why... Christmas chat? It should be around the 25th, but I'm not sure what day yet... I'll let you know as soon a I know though! It will be on Skype, and probably at one of the senior missionaries houses. Who knows, maybe you'll be able to meet the Pinders!

Okay, this is the information for my plaque:

Favorite scripture: Alma 7:23-24 (Is that really too long?)
Full mission name: Romania/Moldova Mission
Dates of service: July 2012 - July 2014

You're going to Hawaii!?! I knew this would happen! It will be fun to talk to you while you're there though. Great to hear that you're all iPhone users now too.

Christmas is right around the corner, and being here makes me think of all those times back at home, but luckily they like to decorate the city here with lights and they even have a HUGE Christmas tree in Center. I'm so glad I get to be a representative of Christ, especially during the Christmas season: a time where we get to focus on Christ's birth and serving others. The Spirit is a wonderful gift from Heavenly Father to help us feel that Christlike joy and peace every year around this time. So remeber to focus more on giving and less on getting. I love you all! Hope you enjoy the pictures, and have a wonderful week!

-Elder Farnworth

Random Information:

The members of the church treat us like family. They are really friendly and they are receptive to our message, but the Soviet era kind of makes it really difficult to teach people who lived during that horrible time.

Moldova is the poorest country in Europe. But also the best ;) The economy is crap, but everybody wears nice clothes and drives around mercedies. 

There are no wards here... Yet... They are called branches. The people are really great, but there are very few active members, which makes our work even harder because we have to work with less-actives A LOT. I see the members every Sunday, and sometimes when I'm proselyting!

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