Tuesday, December 25, 2012

The Best Part of Christmas....

was getting to talk to Brian in Moldova! It was so fun getting to talk face to face (via Skype)! We woke up at 5:00am Hawaii time so we wouldn't miss him...and then he didn't end up calling until around 10am! It was well worth the wait! We got to talk to him for over an hour! Here is a video of him speaking a little Russin and some highlights!

  • His mission president is the best! He is letting them see the Hobbit (in Russian) next week. 
  • He is learning a little Romania along with Russian.
  • He will spend most of his mission serving in three cities.
  • They travel mostly by public transportation which includes a Van they pack as many people as possible into!
  • He had a blast on Christmas! They spent the day watching youtube videos, and opening presents.
  • He thought the Gangnam style video was hilarious.
  • He is getting chubby and now cuts his own hair because the barbers there take 45 minutes!
  • There isn't much for them to do on P-Days, but he has fun with the other missionaries in Moldova.
  • He has realized he as SO MUCH time during the day and encourages everyone to use their time wisely. Especially those, like his little brother Matt, preparing to leave on their mission.
  • His companion is the district leader so he has to go on exchanges a lot and he doesn't like those very much.
  • They have found a couple great contacts while knocking doors. One even decorated his apartment for Christmas just for the Elders.
  • His companion is from Chicago and comes from a similar background, and Brian enjoys talking with him about that.  

Turn the volume up and enjoy Elder Farnworth! :D

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